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What Is Ethereum? A Beginner’s Guide if You’re Thinking of Investing

Eve Halimi

If you are looking for an informative and professional summary about shopping for Ethereum, we can help you.

Tiny bits of conversations about enigmatic concepts like blockchain, Bitcoin, and NTF get thrown around the pop culture zeitgeist. You might not fully understand the technology (yet), but you're hooked.

It feels like the fast-moving train you need to get on. Investing in cryptocurrency gives the impression of some degree of social currency. Those in the know are the ones you want to get to know.

One early cryptocurrency, only second in line to Bitcoin (BTC), has caught the attention of finance new reporters later. It's called Ethereum (ETH). What is it exactly?

Getting back to the burden of impossible choices, since the launch of Bitcoin, people in the tech sector figured out how to develop their take using the same blockchain technology.

Investors can be at the forefront of a rising startup or they can settle into a well-established platform. Decisions like this can be overwhelming but also exciting.

Keep reading to learn more about what Ethereum has to offer for new crypto investors.

Ok, Ethereum, What is it?

Ethereum refers to an open-source software platform powered by blockchain. Anyone with access to secured digital technology can use Ethereum.

It serves as the main basis for the cryptocurrency called Ether, or ETH. Ethereum exists as the second largest cryptocurrency platform in the current market.

ETH coins make up the currency native to the software platform.

People choose to invest in Ethereum (ETH), which you can buy on Alinea, because it offers an interesting spin on cryptocurrency. The creators of ETH took the blockchain technology used to make bitcoin and added what they saw as improvements to the original model.

In 2014, after Bitcoin burst onto the financial scene, Vitalik Buterin, who was only nineteen years old at the time, wrote a white paper. His published findings introduced the concept of Ethereum.

Thus, Ethereum launched in 2015.

Ethereum has launched two different versions, fixing bugs from the original platform. Today, investors purchase ETH from the updated software platform Ethereum 2.0.

Cool How Does It Work

Ethereum operates using blockchain technology. A blockchain collects groups of data, called blocks. These blocks can store data up to a certain capacity, which close once they get filled.

Closed blocks join with other closed blocks as links in what is called a blockchain.

Ethereum offers new possibilities for building a decentralized financial sector, also called DeFi. The software platform operates what gets called smart contracts, which function on decentralized applications. This means users can send out transactions across the platform network.

This works because, unlike its elder sibling, Bitcoin, Ethereum includes a variety of applications as part of a programmable network.

When you purchase ETH coins, you essentially trade values. Cryptocurrencies only operate on their native platforms, but you can cash out your coins for cash.

Storing your crypto coins involves setting up what's called a digital wallet. Our app offers a simple user-friendly interface to help you start buying ETH today.

By signing up for our app, you also have an opportunity to join a community of passionate like-minded investors.

The Start of Open Exploration

This article barely cracks at the surface of what you can do with Ethereum. With so many possibilities, you can trade coins or even acquire and trade NFTs.

For low-risk options, traditional financial institutions have started working with crypto back stocks using Ethereum. What is it that gets people excited? It's the chance to create something out of nothing. Anyone can access it.

Download the Alinea app and start investing in ETH today.

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