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Eve Halimi

Hey, we’re Anam & Eve, founders of Alinea Invest, an investing app built for the rest of us.

Welcome to the Let’s Talk Money  where we’ll have unfiltered, raw conversations with experts, influencers & friends to share their advice & stories about all things money.

We’ve first hand experienced how taboo of a subject money is and we’re here to change that so the rest of us can start building our wealth too

Alinea started in a college classroom at Barnard College after we returned from our summer internships on Wall Street and saw how so many of our friends were left out of conversations about making money. So we decided to build a brand new community-driven investing platform from the ground up

We’re here to share everything we’ve learned so be sure to subscribe, rate and review. It would mean so much to us.

Let us know on Tiktok and Instagram at @alineainvest which guests & topics you want to see next.

Tune in every Monday for your weekly dose of money - now let’s get to it

Link to our Let's Talk Money Podcast by Alinea

Episode #1. Alinea Founding Story

Episode #2. Peter Tuchman AKA Einsteing of Wall St.

‍At Alinea, we want to help all people start investing in a better future. Download our app and join our community to start building wealth today and create a better world.

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