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GenZ Investing Report Q2 2022 by Alinea Team

Eve Halimi

You may have heard the term "Generation Z." But what exactly is different about them?

At Alinea we've surveyed thousands of GenZ's around their money, wealth and investing thoughts.

Generation Z (“Gen Z”) is a vastly different generation from previous ones. Having grown up with smartphones, Gen Zs are social media natives with a significantly shorter attention span around 8 seconds compared to millennials with 12 seconds. Despite their shorter attention span, they have the ability to hyper-process information. In the United States, Generation Z is on track to be the largest subset of the population as well as the most educated and most diverse generation

When it comes to their finances, Gen Z takes a very different approach. 

They are cautious, aware, and goal-oriented with money, especially after witnessing millennials and their parents grapple with student loan debt and workforce constraints. 

As the most socially conscious cohort, Gen Z wants to have an impact. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and “side hustle” has become part of their vocabulary, so it’s no surprise GenZ is highly interested in putting their money to work. The next generation of investors is going to starkly contrast previous ones and will require an investing experience to cater to all of these critical distinctions.

Q2 2022 GenZ Investing Report by Alinea

Some of our findings with the GenZ Investing Report:

  • 83% of GenZs don’t use the same investing apps as their parents
  • 64% of GenZ have not started investing
  • >40% learn about investing via TikTok and IG
  • 82% of respondents factor in impact & sustainability when making an investment decision, 5x higher compared to their parents’ generation
  • 75% are not part of an investing community
  • Only 1 in 4 GenZs feel they understand the stock market
  • Young women are the demographic to most likely be left behind when it comes to investing citing two core reasons: 1) lack of exposure 2) lack of confidence

Here is the report.

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