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The Top 5 Best Crypto Apps According to Reddit - How to Pick

Eve Halimi

If crypto enthusiasts are fair, regal princesses, then crypto is definitely the dashing knight in shining armor. Why? Because the charms of decentralized finance continue to warm hearts and inspire feelings of overwhelmingly intense love.

Matter of fact, the thought that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) can fully facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions without any governmental interference has made crypto fans more dedicated to fully unlocking the potential of crypto as an asset.

That is why experts are developing crypto apps to make the experience of acquiring, holding, and trading crypto faster, more efficient, and more delightful. And while there may be several crypto apps in the market, we know that only the best get to flex.

So below are the top 5 best crypto apps if you ask, not us, but Reddit;

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase is undoubtedly among the most recognized crypto apps in the cryptocurrency universe. However, its pro version seems to have effectively achieved its intended purpose—provide a better crypto experience than the original version.

Users laud Coinbase pro for offering users more benefits as it has very cheap fees compared to CB and that one can earn some free crypto by watching some videos and answering a few questions.


Binance seems to have successfully struck a chord in crypto enthusiasts’ hearts as well. One particular reason fans of the crypto app seem to like about Binance is that it’s very newbie friendly and has low fees. Therefore, crypto investment novices trying to avoid complicated processes and high charges would probably find Binance preferable.


While potentially very lucrative, cryptocurrencies are a fairly new phenomenon that not many have fully wrapped their heads around. As such, ease of use is a central consideration for users when picking the best crypto apps.

Gemini seems to fit this bill as several Reddit comments reveal it is simple to use. For instance, one user says they “Started on Gemini because it’s really easy to buy with SGD via Xfers" while another user adds I’m loving the Gemini app. In one day I was able to get over a billion tokens. On it would have taken me forever.


One significant factor that has kept public confidence in decentralized finance high is the fact that transactions are secured cryptographically using smart contracts. As such, users believe that their crypto assets are safe.

It is for this same reason that several people believe Kraken is among the best crypto apps. According to one user, they (referring to Kraken) have damn good security and have links to Mt. Gox. The one challenge that some users seem to have with Kraken is that withdraw fees are expensive.

We are cognizant of the last comment concerning right above this subtitle. However, an analysis of Reddit crypto threads reveals that is also a pretty beloved crypto app in the streets of crypto.

One user praises because alongside Binance, “they both provide VISA cards with cashback for sending crypto." also seems to have great customer service.

An example of the several Reddit reviews that demonstrates this is one that says For what it’s worth I have always found their support to be very good and pretty fast to sort out any problems.

How to Pick the Best Crypto App

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