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Eve Halimi is among the most visible crypto trading platforms in the market. As a crypto exchange platform, allows users to trade over 250different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, and Polkadot.

However, with the expansive attention that has amassed, the platform has also come under scrutiny and criticism regarding various features including its cash back card.

Below is a breakdown of several Reddit commentaries that offer us an insightful glimpse into the experience of various crypto enthusiasts with

Reddit Review 1: Shooting Arrows in the Dark Hoping They Land

Crypto investing is a delicate business that requires precision to minimize risk and maximize potential profitability. Therefore, the fact that there are aspects of that do not act on this principle is an affront too many.

Users find the fact they can’t purchase crypto in dollar amounts very upsetting. As one user says, it is "Really annoying having to put in random numbers to get the dollar amount that I want." Read more here.

Reddit Review 2: Inconvenience Galore

For a trade whose primary commodity is a technological product, cryptocurrency trading is expected to be fast and seamless. However, has inefficiencies that users find extremely inconveniencing and well, irritating.

One such inconvenience is the difficulty with which users have to link their bank accounts to their crypto wallets.Purchasing crypto is also not seamless as one user complains: “I’ve tried using 4 credit/ debit cards to buy crypto and every single one has been denied including my debit card.”

Reddit Review 3: A You-Will-Have-to-Wait Card or a Cash Back Card?

The cash back card is supposed to elevate the crypto experience for users who love is because those who have the cash back cards are entitled to certain CRO rewards. Additionally, there are certain rebates that users can enjoy upon purchases paid for with CRO.

Unfortunately, there are many complaints regarding the cash back cards. Users are unable to roll-up/batch the Visa & Supercharge rewards into weekly or monthly payments. The cash back card also has too many reward exceptions and poor card distribution/handling.

Upgrades are also problematic as each time a user switch to another card, their balances are not instantly reflected on the new cards. This causes them to lose valuable trading time as they have to halt all operations until their prior card’s fiat balance is credited to the new card.

Reddit Review 4: A Hellish User Experience and Interface

First of all, any crypto app should be easy for cryptocurrency novices to use. This not only enables them to learn how to trade faster but also motivates them to keep trading on the platform as the process is challenging but enjoyable.

Unfortunately,’s UX/UI is not as friendly. One user says “I would not be surprised if a good percentage of people that try out the app delete it out of confusion/frustration for the most basic operations (such as adding funds).

Navigation also seems to be impossible as another user laments: The app (on both iOS and android) is slow as shit, super laggy, and the UI is a mess. It’s confusing as hell to navigate. It’s like an app from the early 2010s. It’s bloated, messy, and a nightmare to navigate. Sounds tough, doesn’t it?

Reddit Review 5: Prices that Aim Too High for Investors’ Liking

Like with any other asset, consumers prefer to pay the lowest amount they can to acquire crypto. And while some crypto assets may be more valuable than others, the ones that cost more must still be within reasonable range. Unfortunately, this is not the case with

Numerous users are pretty irked with what they claim are exorbitant prices. One says spread is ridiculous. Another opines: It lags, there is no way to set a limit buy or sell, and prices are way off from other exchanges. Price remains to bean important consideration and at, things are tough.

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