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Top 5 Best Stock Trading Apps Reddit Recommends

Eve Halimi

Top 5 Best Stock Trading Apps - Reddit Recommends

Stock trading apps remain to be vital tools for traders in the stock market who want to maximize their returns. This is because the best stock trading apps on Reddit enable traders to stake their predictions on the market performance of various entities conveniently and from wherever they are.

Therefore, it is important for you as a trader to know which stock trading apps other traders consider the best for stock trading. That way, you can save valuable time and easily find the best stock trading app that will satisfactorily fulfill your stock trading needs.

To unearth this precious information, we scoured the Reddit terrain thoroughly and left no post unturned.

Below are the top 5 best stock trading apps according to Reddit.

Fidelity Investments

Stock Trading App #1: Fidelity

Fidelity Investments has been in the business of brokering stocks in the US since 1946. As such, it is not a surprise that the company has amassed enough expert experience in stocks to be the creator of the leading app in the top 5 best stock trading apps on Reddit.

Stock traders pay Fidelity a lot of kind compliments for several merits including the fact that the stock trading app charges no fees and supports fractional share buying and dividend reinvestment.Fidelity also has extended trading hours, an extensive stock catalogue, and a card that pays 2% cash back and deposits the rewards directly into brokerage accounts monthly.

The Fidelity stock trading app also seems to have a superb rewarding system as one user says "Fidelity is a great one…right now it’s offering 100 bucks to sign up as a promo and adds that If credit score is high enough, their rewards cars is sweet too."

Charles Schwab

Stock Trading App #2: Schwab

The runner-up in the list of the top 5 best stock trading apps on Reddit is Schwab. Owned by the American multinational financial services company, users appreciate the platform’s mobile stock trading app for a couple of reasons including efficiency, ease of use, and affordability of fees.

This is evident from statements like "I use Schwab, it works great and is easy, cheap, fast" and I can get a rep with Schwab the fastest. Schwab also has excellent customer support as they have branches everywhere if you want advice; it’s free…client since 2014.

Therefore, you need not worry if you experience difficulties using the Schwab stock trading app; you can always find user support in the nearest Schwab branch and have your issue sorted out.

TD Ameritrade

Stock Trading App #3: Ameritrade

A diligent assessment also reveals that TD Ameritrade is among the top 5 best stock trading apps on Reddit. This is not only evident from the number of people praising its efficiency but from the number of users who have revealed that they’ve used the stock trading app for a long time. One user advises that TD Ameritrade is a good stock trading app "If you trade a lot."

Another user states that TD Ameritrade has worked well for me, couple years in. They also have an excellent education section. TD Ameritrade’s user interface also seems to be a great one as another fan praises it saying "I use TD and have loved the user interface both online and on my phone."

M1 Finance

Stock Trading App #4: M1

Also referred to as the “Finance Super App,” M1 is a stock trading app that supports self-directed trading and automated investing. From the substantially many positive reviews users have for it, M1 is undoubtedly among the top 5 best stock trading apps on Reddit.

One particular impressed user says "For the long term, M1 is the best. Dividend reinvestment, fractional shares, automatic allocation, and like $10minimum transfers. By far my favorite." Another stock trader who uses Fidelity also mentions that they use M1’s autopilot weekly contributing for their long term goals.

Therefore, among all the merits of M1, the automatic allocation of funds according to users’ preferences seems to be a very celebrated feature and one that will continue to endear the #4 best stock trading app on Reddit to traders.

Streetbeat App

Stock Trading App #5: Streetbeat App

Streetbeat App may not be among the oldest kids on the block as far as stock trading apps are concerned. This is because it was launched just the other day—the other day being June 2021.

However, the stock trading app has already made a fairly good impression on users. As such, it has also earned its spot among the top 5 best stock trading apps on Reddit.

For instance, traders who have used the Streetbeat App have praised it on Reddit as a stock trading app that charges No fee for your deposit, helps you using financial technical analysis, suggests you the best stocks to buy and one that will protect your capital from losses.

Alinea Invest

All-in-one Stock Trading App Made Just for You!

When it comes to the top 5 best stock trading apps on Reddit, each app has to outstandingly and satisfactorily fulfill at least one or more stock trading needs. However, the main challenge is that most apps do not fully cater to the entire basket of stock trading requirements traders desire.

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From awesome social features to spectacular UI/UX, ease of use, accurate trading insights, and optimal security, Alinea provides you with the full package.

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