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Top 10 Uniswap Reddit Posts Every Crypto Follower Should Read

Eve Halimi

If you are a crypto enthusiast, a quick Reddit search of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges will reveal to you that Uniswap is among the elite crypto platforms on the Ethereum Blockchain. Matter of fact, Coinbase describes it as “the largest decentralized exchange” on Ethereum.

The largest DEX on Ethereum? Well, that may sound too incredulous to be true. However, Uniswap has rightfully earned that praise as the numbers back it up. As of May 2022, Uniswap’s cumulative trading volumes since its launch in 2018officially hit the $1 Trillion mark!

This is not to mention an impressive 3.8 million users who have jumped on the platform since its inception. So what exactly does Uniswap offer crypto traders and lovers? Well, as a crypto trading protocol, Uniswap uses a decentralized network to automate crypto transactions.

As such, trading on Uniswap is not governed by any central authority—effectively making it an automated liquidity protocol. So how do users exactly feel about the “largest Dex” on Ethereum?Below are the top 10 Uniswap Reddit posts you’ve gotta read if you are a crypto fan:

Uniswap Reddit Post #1: The Larger, The Better

As per Uniswap Reddit users, you stand to have a much better time if you only deal with trading volumes large enough for the “largest Dex.” Anything less than that, you will be in for a rough ride.

For instance, one user intimates that: The main limitation right now is cost of swaps for small volumes. Larger volumes seem to be the only that makes sense. This means that it is entirely not economical to swap small volumes on Uniswap.

However, Uniswap is still redeemable as the user goes on to state that Once fees go down with upgrades across the various platforms, I can see Uni becoming one of if not the defacto decentralized platforms. Well, bright future ahead for Uniswap‘cept for the small things!

Uniswap Reddit Post #2: Nothing to do with Fees Whatsoever!

There appears to be limited understanding of what the difference between utility, security, and governance tokens is in the crypto community. The same applies to Uniswap Reddit users as one enquires whether Uniswap’s tokens will make its ethereum transactions easier and faster.

In a quick response, an informed Uniswap Reddit user comprehensively breaks down what type Uniswap tokens are: It’s a governance token. All it does is give voting power to Uni holders to choose Uniswap future integrations or direction. Pretty clear response if you ask us.

Uniswap Reddit Post #3: Ethereum 2.0 will be a Godsend

Like every other advancement in the field of Blockchain, many enthusiasts are excited about Ethereum 2.0and what it will mean for the crypto universe. Uniswap Reddit users have not been left behind in the discussion and they had a piece to say about Ethereum 2.0 as well.

Uniswap Reddit users maintain that Ethereum 2.0will be beneficial because the upgrade will lower gas fees, which is currently a big problem on uniswap. This is because Eth 2.0 will support Uniswap V3 which will have layer 2 solutions to combat those high gas fees.

Uniswap Reddit Post #4: Don’t know much but the fees? Ridiculous!

Gas fees seem to be a particularly thorny issue when it comes to Uniswap transactions. As such, users can’t wait to have the problem resolved as one fan longs for Eth 2.0 because one of the features is working on decreasing these ridiculous gas fees.

Uniswap Reddit Post #5: No Central Owners, Just Smart Contracts

There is no doubt that one major attraction that draws crypto enthusiasts to Uniswap is the fact that it isa decentralized and automated liquidity protocol.And what’s more? Uniswap is based on the Ethereum blockchain and not a server orwebsite.

As such, Uniswap cannot be shut down and it’s always online. The Uniswap website exists only to make it easier to interact with that smart contract but you could also use it without the website if you wanted. Wow, that must be nice!

Uniswap Reddit Post #6: Transparent Enough to See Through I Guess

One major reason why, despite a few challenges associated with it, so many people are intent on making the whole Blockchain and crypto system work is because it allows for greater transparency.

And as far as Uniswap Reddit users are concerned, Uniswap is doing a pretty good job at ensuring transparency as evidenced by one delighted user who says: You can see all the transactions made by Uniswap on there. If you click on the contract tab you can even see Uniswap’s source code. It’s completely transparent.

Uniswap Reddit Post #7: I Will Trust Blindly and Keep Holding!

To many crypto traders, proof is always in the progress. As such, provided results are impressive, there isn’t much need for long explanations. This is exactly what one Uniswap Reddit user shows when they say Now how their own token has value/increases in value I don’t know but I’m just gonna HOLD. Loool. It is always bliss when everything’s fine, right?

Uniswap Reddit Post #8: Nothing that can’t be Fixed

Like any other system, Uniswap has its own deficiencies that make the road alittle bit bumpy from time to time— one deficiency being high gas fees.However, Uniswap Redditusers still have a lot of faith in their favorite automated liquidity protocol. One user admits thatfees are high and that errors during transactions make life difficult but Uniswap definitely has potential.

Uniswap Reddit Post #9: Utility Lies in the Eyes of the Holder

It seems like Uniswap didn’t hit the $1 trillion dollar mark for nothing. It actually provides its users with real value. Apparently, even fans on Reddit are impressed because It’s a useful utility that has a lot of usage, therefore it has value and it could be a good investment if more people start using the platform.

Uniswap Reddit Post #10: Does Nothing but Multiply

In every investment we make, we always hope maximum returns. And according to this one, elated, Uniswap Reddit user, Uniswap has offered people exactly that; attractive multiple factors on their investment: As an investment: most people have at least 3× growth on it right now, a lot of people are near 7×.

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