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Top 10 Chainlink Reddit Posts Every Crypto Follower Should Read

Eve Halimi

Chainlink is an established and reputable Blockchain platform native to Ethereum. According to the platform’s official site, “Chainlink decentralized oracle networks provide tamper-proof inputs, outputs, and computations to support advanced smart contracts on any blockchain.”

Sounds like a great primary objective. But how do Chainlink Reddit users feel about the platform? Well, the following are the top 10 Chainlink Reddit posts every crypto follower should read:

Chainlink Reddit Post #1: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves

While a number of Chainlink Reddit fans have high hopes for the platform’s prosperity going into the future, not everyone believes it will be a fluid ascent unless some serious developments are also implemented.

As one user says, "What the crypto space, let alone doesn’t realize is that without link, there will be no legitimate mainstream adoption at a large scale". Well, that should be some food for thought.

Chainlink Reddit Post #2: Could he be the elusive one?

One of the greatest riddles that Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts world wide have been grappling with for the longest time is the true identity of Satoshi; the mysterious inventor(s) of Bitcoin.

And while the public is still in the dark as far asSatoshi’s true identity, people haven’t stopped trying to figure out who he is.For instance, one ChainlinkReddit fan says "the theory that Sergey could beSatoshi sounds less crazy when you hear him talk & his perspective of BTC/crypto lmao ijs!!" Well, could Sergey be Satoshi? Maybe yes, maybe no, who knows?

Chainlink Reddit Post #3: We all love ourselves a good mystery

As expected, speculation surrounding who Satoshi really is remains and will continue to remain rife. However, you are mistaken if you think every Chainlink Reddit fan wants everything demystified.

One Chainlink Reddit user says would it be so crazy if sergey was one of a group that made up satoshi? idk but it’s fun to think about.. but also hope we never find out—a sentiment to which another Chainlink Reddit fan replies Yeah for sure, some things are better left as mysteries and not debunked lol.

Chainlink Reddit Post #4: You have no idea how big it will get

Some Chainlink Reddit users may express a little cynicism over whether the future isdazzlingly auspicious for Chainlink.However, there are some who are delightfully persuaded that the Chainlink’s candle will onlyshine brighter and brighter.

One such Chainlink Reddit user says People have no idea just how big chainlink will become. However, the user is quick to add that that presents an advantage as they still need more time to accumulate. Sounds like a big picture thinker, don’t you think?

Chainlink Reddit Post #5: We need more, not less

The issue of “potential” keeps recurring when it comes to Chainlink Reddit posts; a trait that is common to the majority of Blockchain and crypto platforms. And to exploit this potential, one Chainlink Reddit user is of the opinion that they should focus on community growth as their project is already doing very well. It remains to be seen if Chainlink will do that.

Chainlink Reddit Post #6: Forget the long talk, proof’s in the progress

Chainlink Reddit fans seem to be a loyal lot who are ready to rise up in arms and defend the honor of their favorite crypto platform. As such, when one user says that Chainlink doesn’t have the same buzz behind it and even the subreddit is pretty desolate, a bonafide Chainlink Reddit fan rebuts with They do not focus on hype or buzzwords. Only progress to a truly revolutionary and disruptive use case. Quite the army Chainlink has there on Reddit, no?

Chainlink Reddit Post #7: Wishing you the best expleitively

Again, a review of the top Chainlink Reddit posts reveal a legion of supporters who absolutely believe Chainlink is the best thing since sliced bread. And even those who didn’t invest early know it.

One good example is a fan who hilariously admits I have deep regrets for not buying LINK.I think it is great. I hope it goes to the moon and you all become rich assholes. What a kind wish indeed!

Chainlink Reddit Post #8: Not even a trillion will be limit enough

And while the eccentric wish mentioned above had the semblance of having been really meant for the best, it also betrays a certain melancholy and resentment over a missed opportunity. However, in classic Reddit fashion, there was definitely someone to encourage the brokenhearted.

And we might add, the encouragement came in quite the flamboyant and ambitious manner. The benevolent Chainlink Reddit fan boldly states that It’s not late…Link will one day collateralize a large portion of the derivatives market which is estimated to be 800 trillion to 1.2 quadrillion dollars in the future. Would you look at that!

Chainlink Reddit Post #9: The Messiah y’all have been waiting for

Whoever is running Chainlink must be proud of the platform’s Reddit army and the high hopes and ambitions that the fans have for it. One fan in particular goes for the jugular and puts Chainlink up against Ethereum saying:

You do realize link will gobble up the entire layer 2 space and solve the gas fee issue this month with arbitrumbeing released right? Ethereum is cool but the uside of link is much greater.Also I wouldn’t trust the ethereum network due to rampant front running which isa very shady practice and does not ensure trust for me to invest into Ethereum. Phew!

Chainlink Reddit Post #10: How useful exactly?

Utility is always and will always be a primary concern for users, regardless of the industry. And while other supporters may be hard-pressed to explain utility, Chainlink Reddit users have it all on their fingertips.

So much that when one skeptic Reddit user quips Can you give me a real example of a problem that Link can solve in the real world?, a staunch Chainlink Reddit fan instantly fires away: Identity, ownership and record keeping in 3rd world countries…That’s a real world problem with alive solution, right now.

The Chainlink supporter then sarcastically asks: I’m asking, what does LINK do? Well Sir, no more questions. At least not for now.


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