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Top 10 Avalanche (AVAX) Reddit Posts Every Crypto Follower Should Read

Eve Halimi
Are you a passionate crypto fan? If so, then chances are you may have heard about Avalanche—one of the leading challengers to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Started in September 2020, Avalanche aims to dethrone Ethereum by offering faster processing speeds and expanding scaling capabilities. Below are some of the top 10 Avalanche Reddit posts every crypto follower should read.

Avalanche Reddit Post #1: The use cases are vital

Before investing on any platform, it is in every investor’s responsibility to establish exactly how they will derive value from the investment they are making. According to the top 10 Avalanche Reddit posts, the use cases ofAvalanche include Creation of private blockchains, creation of digital assets, and allowing developers to build their own contracts and decentralized apps.

Avalanche Reddit Post #2: Outperformance is the way

Avalanche Reddit fans are one, hyped movement that is glad on the continued dominance of their cause and they believe things will only get better. For instance, one Avalanche Reddit fan predicts that AVAX is about to outperform 95% of the other alts. Bullish AF!

However, a more passionate and informed Avalanche Reddit believer counters with real numbers revealing It’s up 3565.81% since January 2021 I am pretty sure it already has outperformed most of alts. If those are the actual figures, who are we to counter? We’ll just count, thanks.

Avalanche Reddit Post #3: When much is given, much is tested

Congruence is a fact of life that we all recognize and appreciate. Therefore, Avalanche Reddit fans are elated that the platform’s performance is impressive and that Avalanche is Certainly living up to its name lately! Congratulations are in order then for this upward avalanche! No?

Avalanche Reddit Post #4: If wishes were horses

Due to its highly speculative nature, prices on the Blockchain are constantly fluctuating. As such, it is every trader’s dream to make a play whenever prices are just about to go up so they can hatch a profit.

Avalanche users aren’t exempt and so one Avalanche Reddit user regrets missing some crucial info that would have set them up for a nice profit: I wish this came out before AVAX’s massive pump this week. Well, now you know Avalanche performs, make the play early next time!

Avalanche Reddit Post #5: Having the cake and eating it too

From the top 10 Avalanche Reddit posts, the Avalanche platform seems to be quite the bully as far as crypto markets go. Therefore, it isn’t a very shocking surprise when one Avalanche Reddit user says that Solana and Avalanche are taking a huge piece of Ethereum’s cake lately.

Avalanche Reddit Post #6: A self-consuming fire

If there is one constant that we can always count on, it is the fact that affordability will never cease to be a prime consideration whenever and wherever trades are being executed. As such, one Avalanche Reddit user doesn’t sound too happy about Ethereum’s rates: ETH’s fees are killing ETH. What good is a product if nobody can afford to use it? Answer anyone?

Avalanche Reddit Post #7: Contradictory statements cause conflict

Whatever quality an entity brands itself for at its inception is what the entity is likely to always be identified for. As such, not too many Avalanche Reddit fans are happy about Ethereum’s high fees as they say ETH has always been marketed as better, faster, cheaper. “So why the high fees?” they ask.

Avalanche Reddit Post #8: In your best investment interest

Besides reading public statistics and reports on the performance of an entity, it always helps to get a candid review from someone who has real life experience. And well, that is available from Avalanche Reddit users with one fan declaring that AVAX has been one of my best investment choices this year...

Another Avalanche Reddit user testifies that they sold a small nag of AVAX I bought at$43 when it hit $60 a month or two back. Imagine if that “small” bag was a little or a lot more bigger, what coulda should a woulda been? Seems like people over at Avalanche are really having a ball!

Avalanche Reddit Post #9: A Worthy Rival

For one to conquer a market and lead, it is imperative that they eat into the competition’s share. That allows them to draw in more clientele so that they can expand faster. And guess who is doing that?According to one AvalancheReddit user’s observation, Avalanche is one of the good ETH competitors. Kudos Avalanche.

Avalanche Reddit Post #10

Lastly, everyone, or at least most of us, is always excited to share what we find useful and ignore what we find inutile. In response to some really enlightening information on Avalanche, one Reddit user who is obviously a passionate Avalanche fan can’t wait to CTRL+C Verbally to everyone I see! Avalanche must have really made an impression, don’t you think?


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