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Stock Playlists Just Got Even Better 

Austin Ortiz

Investing on the Alinea app just got better. Over the past few weeks, Alinea’s technology team has been hard at work, to deliver some brilliant features for all of Alinea’s users to enjoy. Let's dig deeper into the new features that have just arrived. 

What Are Stock Playlists? 

Stock playlists are simply just another word for a portfolio of stocks. Alinea's users create and share playlists of stocks, and they later circulate throughout the community. Stock playlists help users invest in what they find appealing, and also promote portfolio diversification. 

What Are Alinea’s New Features? 

Here are new features on the Alinea app: 

Playlists : investing baskets based on a theme, cause or strategy

Playlist Personalization 

Personalize a playlist like no other. Alinea’s users are now able to attach an icon to the playlists they create, and additionally choose a color for the icon’s background. Being able to choose an icon and color for the background brings a new sense of identity to Alinea’s users, adding a bit more of personality to the playlists they create and share. Be on the lookout for new icon’s releasing in the coming weeks!

New discover page for an easier way to discover stock, ETF, crypto and more investments

Updated Discovery Page

Don’t know what to invest in? Well, investing in what you believe in just became easier. Now, featured on Alinea’s discovery page, a recommendation of playlists personalized for you. This new feature on Alinea looks at your previous and current investments, and suggests playlists that fit your personal investing preferences. Whether it be the “most popular” playlists or a particular sector you want to invest in, Alinea’s app now offers you suggestions to help grow your portfolio today! 

Investing directly in custom playlists (baskets of investments)

Directly Invest in Playlists You Find Appealing

Available on the Alinea app, you are now able to directly invest in the playlists you find attractive. This long-awaited feature has finally made its way to the Alinea platform. Want to create a similar portfolio to one you saw on the discovery page? Now you can copy a playlist from the community. But that’s not all. You can also edit playlists following their release to the community. From reallocating your playlist, to adding new stocks or even removing some, Alinea’s users are now able to personalize their investments to a level untouched by its competitors. 

Become a Better Investor with Alinea 

With the addition of these three new features, Alinea now offers users more customizable options when creating stock playlists. These new features will help users become more intelligent investors. Invest on the Alinea app, and move forward to achieving your financial goals today!

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