Eve Halimi

Hey there, it’s Anam Lakhani and Eve Halimi, and we’re the co-founders of Alinea Invest. 

Like many of you, we've had a hard time navigating financial markets. This is because simply because we’re not taught how to manage our money To solve this we have built Alinea, your investing guide but first and foremost an inclusive community of new investors.


Community has always been the core value of Alinea Invest since day 1.It’s what powers, supports, and motivates us.

When we founded Alinea in a college classroom at Columbia university, we noticed a staunch discrepancy amongst our classmates. Some peers leaned into investing, while others shied away since they didn’t know enough and felt investing wasn’t for them.


This is why we created Alinea.


Alinea was built to create a community around investing and money with a focus on addressing the next generations needs. 

We started with a small learning series on Columbia’s campus. We continued to grow this community and after conducting thousands of interviews and discussions, we realized the solution to this problem had to be community driven, authentic and creative. 


While there is still a lot of work to do, we've come a long way in a short amount of time.

On Alinea, you can create, share and invest in your own investing playlists.

We also offer an investing quiz when you first get onboarded on the app which offers you a personalized playlist/portfolio of investments curated by our AI algorithm.

When you invest with Alinea, you invest with intention. This is just the beginning.

We hope you will join us on this journey.

Here is our Slack community, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

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