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Investing can be daunting but that changes with Alinea

Emma Jepsen

The term “investing” is daunting for a lot of people. Many believe it can take years to fully understand the concept and you need a lot of money and experience to get started. 

While it is a complex subject, it does not have to be. If you do your research and invest according to your financial goals, it can be a great way to make your money work for you. 

However, this is much easier said than done. 

While many people WANT to do the research and begin investing, it is hard to know where to start. With a myriad of sources available to us just a few clicks away, it can be overwhelming to surf through the hundreds of thousands of sources as well as determine which ones are credible and trustworthy. And it becomes even more difficult when you’re deciding on where to actually invest your money. Many people on the internet will promote different platforms for investing, but it’s hard to know whether they’re promoting the platform because they’re being paid to do so, are an employee of the company, or simply genuinely love the platform and want others to know about it as well. 

With so much at stake and so much stress involved in the process of learning and getting started with investing, if you’ve ever wished for one place to teach you the basics of investing, help you determine where to invest, and provide you with a platform to actually begin investing, all while being a credible, trustworthy, and transparent platform. 

Alinea : social investing where you can invest in what you actually value like fighting climate change

Well you’re in luck, because Alinea Invest provides all of these PLUS even more. Yes, that’s right, they GENUINELY want you to be successful investors while providing you with the knowledge to unlock your financial power and start making your money work for you. 

The Alinea Invest app offers blog posts that break down investing terms and current financial events. An entire section on the app is dedicated to helping you understand the basics of investing, the ability to follow friends to see what they’re investing in, and the option to create a personally curated “playlist” or group of stocks depending on your unique interests and passions. 

The founders set out with the mission to change the way we see investing, by making it a more accessible, inclusive, and social culture. They want to help more people get over that initial fear of getting started on their investing journey, and learn to take control of their personal finances. 

SO, if you’re currently looking to get started with your investing journey, need some assistance with your current investing process, or just want to be a part of a really cool and welcoming community of people who are passionate about investing, Alinea Invest is here for you.

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