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How to invest like Nancy Pelosi? Top stock picks by Alinea Invest

Eve Halimi

If you’re like us, you want to invest your money with as little effort as possible.

And who doesn’t?

We’re all busy people—we don’t have time for anything more than the bare minimum of effort when it comes to managing our finances. That's why we've been following Nancy Pelosi's investment strategy for a few years now—it's easy, it works, and she's been doing it for over twenty-five years.

She has a simple but effective approach: invest in a diversified portfolio.

So have you always wanted to invest like the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Well on Alinea's app you can do that!

Here is a basket of investments (also known as playlists) with some of Nancy Pelosi's stock holdings-

So what's in this Nancy Pelosi portfolio (playlist)?


Salesforce is the largest provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and early provider for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)/cloud computing. The company is targeting 100% renewable energy by fiscal year 2022 and has achieved net-zero operational carbon emissions. The company has also established a racial equality and justice task force and spent $16 million on equal pay initiatives.



Apple is a prominent provider of consumer computing devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and wearables.


Alphabet is the world's leading internet search provider and the largest generator of online advertising revenue. 


Disney has global operations in theme parks, filmed entertainment, television broadcasting, and consumer products. 


Roblox is an entertainment platform for creating and exploring 3D digital “worlds” where players interact, cooperate, and compete in real time over the internet.



Micron Technology along with its subsidiaries provide memory and storage solutions. Its product portfolio consists of memory and storage technologies such as DRAM, NAND, NOR and 3D XPoint memory. 


Nvidia develops and markets graphics and mobile processors for personal computers, workstations, and wireless devices such as tablets and phones.

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