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Goodbye Robinhood… Hello Alinea

Austin Ortiz

It was the end of January. The retail investing community locked arms and united to achieve financial success. “Meme stocks”, such as “GameStop” and “AMC” were the hottest topics around the country. GameStop and AMC both experienced drastic increases in price over the previous few weeks, and there was no end in sight. From teenagers to the elderly, everyone was focused on this stock market spectacle. 

Then, during the midst of a trading session on January 28th, 2021, Robinhood restricted trading of particular securities, such as GameStop and AMC. This move by Robinhood was followed by serious backlash against the brokerage firm. Investors were furious as there was no explanation as to why Robinhood would act in such a manner. Lawsuits later followed, and Robinhood was forced to testify in congress. The trust that Robinhood once had from its investors, deteriorated instantly. 

In Comes Alinea 

In 2021, Eve Halimi and Anam Lahkani founded Alinea, an investing app that focused on providing a place for young investors to navigate through the financial markets. By creating an inclusive investing community, with the ability to learn from other investors and invest in what you believe in, Alinea offers investors of all experience levels the most influential investing application the market has seen. Alinea is exactly what every young investor needs to be successful.

Robinhood vs Alinea 

Lets breakdown the main difference between Robinhood and Alinea: 

1. No Payment For Order Flow 

Following the meme stock fiasco, many users of Robinhood began to switch brokerage firms because of their lack of trust in the firm. Investors realized that Robinhood sells its order flow to market makers, in return for a profit. This is controversial because Robinhood is selling customers private data to market makers, meaning the market makers have increased influence over the prices of equities in the financial markets. Most notably they are connected with Citadel, one of the largest market makers in the United States, who also had to testify in court because of the meme stock spectacle. 

2. A Social Community 

Alinea offers a social community like no other. When comparing Alinea’s social aspects to Robinhood, there is not much to compare as Robinhood’s is nonexistent. Through the community feed investors can see what stocks their peers are investing in, as well as share possible investment ideas and portfolios. If a stock or playlist of stocks look appealing, you can easily invest in the same asset straight through the community feed. Having a community of fellow investors helps individuals become more confident in their investment and develops more knowledgeable investors. 

3. Learning Material 

Similarly to our last topic, there is nothing to compare between Alinea and Robinhood in terms of learning material because Robinhood has close to none. It is vital for investors of all ages, but even more so for younger investors, to be able to learn with the firm they are trusting to hold their money. Alinea offers investors an abundance of tools and learning material to help them sharpen their knowledge. For novices, there is the ability to learn the ins and outs of the application, and how to begin investing. For more advanced investors, there is material for portfolio allocation, strategic management, and investing ideas. The learning material Alinea offers is truly second to none.

Become A Better Investor Today 

By using Alinea, you can be confident that your money will be protected. The social aspects and learning material both allow investors to gain more financial knowledge, and grow their portfolios. Download Alinea today and move towards achieving your financial goals! 

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