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Financial Prosperity: Steps to Take While in Your 20s

Eve Halimi

When it comes to the goals and successes we want to achieve in life, we all have our own unique takes on what we feel is important to us. However, amidst all the aspirations of happiness, healthy human relations, self actualization, or high educational qualifications, financial prosperity seems to be the one life goal that the majority of us share. But why?

An Essential Life Tool

Financial prosperity ranks high on most people’s list of goals due to a variety of reasons—most of which go beyond mere materialism. Financial prosperity is seen as a gateway to achieving the loftier and nobler aspirations we have as individuals.

For instance, if one is passionate about assisting others, financial prosperity becomes their central objective— not because they are obsessed about money— but because money is a vital tool they can use to actualize their philanthropic agenda.

A passionate academic may care more about expanding their knowledge than accumulating money. However, financial prosperity is also worthy goal for them as it would grant them access to the best educational institutions they want to further their education in.

As such, there are many motivators that push modern individuals to strive for financial prosperity beyond the regular basic needs of food, clothes, and shelter. Unfortunately, the ever-increasing income inequality demonstrates that financial prosperity is a goal beyond the reach of many people worldwide.

So how can you achieve financial prosperity in a world where financial success is limited to very few people? Well, one of the hacks is to start early! This is because starting early gives you more time to learn, experiment, overcome failures, and find a formula that works best for you.

And while some of the most financially prosperous individuals on the globe like Warren Buffett started investing at the age of 13, taking your first steps in your twenties is still a very wise decision.

Therefore, below are some of the steps you should take in your twenties to achieve financial prosperity:

a)    Read, Read, and Read Widely

At this point in time, reading as a strategy to achieving financial prosperity almost sounds like a cliché. However, as platitudinous as reading may sound, it is vital for anyone in their twenties hoping to realize financial prosperity.

This is because reading books allows you to access and internalize knowledge systematically developed by people with special financial prosperity insights.Some authors might have these insights from their own personal experience as financially prosperous individuals while some may gain that knowledge from devoting their time and effort to intensive study of the subject.

As such, reading financial prosperity books in your twenties will help you learn what it takes to succeed financially and how to practically implement financial prosperity strategies. That is why when dishing out advice, your favorite billionaire will always suggest reading more BOOKS. Ever listen to a Bill Gates interview on how to achieve financial success? You should.

b)    Mentorship - Iron Sharpens Iron

The importance of mentorship in achieving financial prosperity cannot be overemphasized. Many people who have achieved financial prosperity always attribute a huge part of their success to quality mentorship.

This is because mentorship—especially in matters of financial prosperity— allows you to acquire knowledge and insights on how to be financially successful from people who have been through the journey already.

As such, instead of spending a lot of time in trial-and-error, you can save yourself valuable time by learning from your mentor’s experiences. You can also be able to avoid the mistakes they made on their way to financial prosperity. Hence, get a reliable, willing, and financial prosperous person to mentor you in your twenties if you want to achieve financial prosperity in your life too.

c)    Sharpen Your Skills

When it is all said and done, action is what separates those who achieve financial prosperity from those who don’t. But how do you take this action? By identifying, developing, and perfecting a particular skill in your twenties.

This is because at the end of the day, money is paid after the delivery of a service or a commodity. Therefore, identifying something you are particularly good at and then investing time and effort in learning and perfecting it will pay dividends.

For instance, if you are interested in trading stocks or cryptocurrencies, you can read material on stocks and cryptocurrencies to understand what it entails. Afterwards, you can find ways of learning how to trade practically as a beginner until you perfect that skill. That way, you will be in a great position to offer high quality services that will then catapult you to financial prosperity.


Like with all other worthy pursuits in life, financial prosperity is not attained overnight. As such, taking steps to realize financial success in your twenties when you still have a lot of time and energy is important. Therefore, make the smart decision and start positioning yourself early!

(i) Disclaimer

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