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Daniel Nissenbaum


After months of hard work, we are incredibly excited to have cryptocurrencies available on the Alinea App. To start, we are offering 20+ coins available to residents of 49 U.S. States (New York is coming soon).

As you can imagine, bringing cryptocurrencies was a huge engineering lift for the team. Almost every part of our product, frontend and backend, required some work to integrate with crypto. We revamped our entire onboarding flow, added gorgeous new dark mode pages for cryptocurrencies, and built out all the core functionalities you’d expect (deposits, buy, sell withdraw, view transactions, etc).

Here are some of the highlights I’m most excited to share:

Crypto Pages

Cryptocurrency pages on the Alinea app

For our crypto pages, we’ve embraced a futuristic dark mode design. Check out the crypto profiles to see the historical performance of the coins, time machine, and descriptions of the coin’s background and creator. Over the coming weeks, expect to see even more details about all the cryptos & stocks offered on the app.


Alongside adding core MVP type crypto features, we made sure you could add crypto to your playlists from day 1. If you want to see all the coins we offer on the app, checkout this playlist. You can also build your own, add some coins to an existing playlist, or copy a playlist from your friends on the app!

Time Machine

Time machine feature on Alinea Invest app

If you want to go back in time and see how much your investments in crypto would be worth had you made them a few years back, time machine is the perfect tool. For example, had you invested in $250 in Bitcoin 5 years ago, you’d have over $11,000 today.

Crypto has been the number one customer request we have heard since launching Alinea, and we are so excited to finally get it into our customers hands. This is, however, just the beginning — please do reach out with any and all feedback about how we can make Alinea better for you!

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