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Alinea vs Fidelity? Why you need BOTH

Eve Halimi

Fidelity is a financial services corporation that assists investors to achieve their investment goals by "providing the best and most innovative investment services and products to suit any need and desired outcome."

Founded in 1946 by Edward Johnson II, Fidelity facilitates the trading of various products including stocks, penny stocks, options, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It is Fidelity's high success rate over the years that has helped the firm to build an impressive global reputation.

Fidelity in the modern context

Like any other corporation, Fidelity has had to evolve and adapt to the changing business environment. It is for this reason that in 1995, Fidelity established it's presence online after the invention of the web.

Since then, a lot of technological developments have occurred and Fidelity has kept up pace by going and launching its own mobile app. With Fidelity's app, investors can monitor their portfolios, track market developments, conduct research, and execute trades.

Fidelity's commendable response to change is what has kept it relevant to modern investing platforms like Alinea Invest. As investment platforms, Fidelity and Alinea Invest have several parallels which include:

a) The Fidelity and Alinea Invest mobile apps allow investors to easily access and analyse the performance of their portfolios.

b) Both Fidelity and Alinea charge zero commission on trades thus lowering the costs of trading for investors.

c) Fidelity and Alinea provide newbie and seasoned investors with informational resources so they can educate themselves and make wiser investment decisions.

d) Alinea and Fidelity investment apps have robust investing tools that help investors to trade stocks, options, and ETFs easily and conveniently from anywhere they are.

e) Many people are locked out of investing as they do not have access. However, Fidelity and Alinea foster inclusivity and breaking of investment barriers by eliminating minimum investing amounts (as low as $1 to get started).

Alinea vs. Fidelity Product

New age investing

Despite the good job by Fidelity to keep up with the times, there are a few areas where the platform falls short as an investment platform compared to Alinea. This can mainly be attributed to some conservativeness as well as slower innovation.

For instance, both Fidelity and Alinea have optimized their platforms to accommodate the young demographic and make it easier for them to learn how to save, invest, and manage their portfolios.

However, Fidelity lacks the social investing features that Alinea so prominently integrates into its architecture. Alinea infuses sociability into investing so well that trading using its app feels like scrolling one's favorite social media app— the only difference being that you are still trading.

With Alinea, you can share your investment playlists (user generated mini ETF's) with other users seamlessly and use the feed to also monitor how your friends are investing crypto and stocks.

The Fidelity platform lacks such a level of sociability for creation and sharing with our members.

Customized for the new generation

Since Alinea is tailored from scratch to suit the young generation's investing requirements, it has an edge over Fidelity when it comes to satisfying that demographic. Alinea has a creative user interface, community first approach, financial education and personalization features that resonate very well with the youth, especially GenZs.

Additionally, the user experience of the Alinea Invest app is seamless, expertly combining convenience with utility for optimal user satisfaction. With that being said we always recommend community members who are on Fidelity to have both Alinea and Fidelity as they each serve unique perks for you.

(i) Disclaimer

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