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Alinea Invest vs. Coinbase

Eve Halimi

Crypto is not just another 21st century buzzword. Rather, it is a sophisticated industry with a total market cap of over $800 billion dollars.

It is for this reason that many investors, both new and seasoned ones—have taken a keen interest to crypto trading.

Crypto trading relies on tracking price movements in the crypto markets, investors use crypto brokerages or crypto exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies. Alinea and Coinbase are good examples of platforms where investors can buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded by Brian Armstrong in 2012 (also Y Combinator backed!). The Coinbase guiding philosophy is that "anyone, anywhere should be able to easily and securely send and receive Bitcoin."

As such, Coinbase's objective is to offer its users "a trusted and easy to use platform for accessing the broader crypto economy."

On the other hand, Alinea Invest is a modern, online investing app that allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets like stocks and ETFs. Through an extremely easy to use app, investors can buy and sell over 20 cryptocurrencies in all states across the USA except New York for 3x+ lower fees than Coinbase.

Alinea offers over 3 times lower fees than Coinbase

Similarities and differences between Alinea Invest and Coinbase

So how do these two crypto trading platforms— Alinea Invest and Coinbase —compare?

Well, below are some of the ways in which Alinea Invest and Coinbase are similar:

1)    Crypto trading on Coinbase and Alinea Invest is optimized for ease and convenience as both platforms have downloadable mobile apps

2)    Portfolio management is made easier on Coinbase and Alinea Invest as everything is controlled and tracked in one place

3)    Both Coinbase and Alinea Invest have enhanced security including vault protection (Coinbase) and bank-level security and encryption (Alinea Invest) to prevent hacking and theft

4)    In case of any undue losses due to fraud or cyber attacks, both Coinbase and Alinea Invest have crypto insurance coverage to meet the resultant costs.

Alinea Invest vs. Coinbase Product

The deal breaker

The points outlined above are some of the qualities and functions of a crypto trading platform that both Coinbase and Alinea Invest have. However, there is a vital aspect that makes all the difference when it comes to the two.

Conventionally, many people are intimidated by investing as they perceive it to be a difficult and risky undertaking. This phobia is even more enhanced by the novelty of crypto as a tradable asset.

As such, it is important for crypto trading platforms to demystify investing and make it easier for everyone to participate.

This is where Alinea has an upper hand over Coinbase. Alinea is specially designed to meet the investment needs of the next generation by being community first!

Alinea Invest is also offering the best crypto trading fees as compared to Coinbase.

Community (social) investing is the present and the future

Hence, Alinea integrates crypto trading with a social element that makes investing much more fun and enjoyable. Young investors can see which cryptocurrencies their counterparts are investing in on a designated feed in the Alinea app.

Besides that, users can share with one another their playlists and compare their investments portfolio seamlessly. This not only helps to lift off the grimness from investing but also aids in the flow of information which helps in the making of better investment decisions.

You can think of the whole system as a hybrid of an investment and social media app where investors can enjoy themselves while handling business. It is in this regard that Alinea Invest supersedes Coinbase as an investment platform.

Get the best you deserve!

Therefore, are you a young and ambitious individual who wants to excel in trading crypto? Then all you have to do is download the Alinea app and begin investing! With Alinea, investing is made easier, more education, and most importantly, more lucrative than ever! And what's more? You will enjoy the most competitive rates for investing fees in the market!

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