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“9 Steps to Financial Freedom” Book Review by Alinea

Eve Halimi

Financial freedom is a goal that everyone aspires to achieve. This is regardless of whether one states it or not. As such, numerous efforts have been dedicated to creating informational material that can help people to attain financial freedom through systematic and comprehensive instructions that are actionable.

One such text that was developed with the express intention of teaching people how to become financially free is 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman. A financial expert by profession, Suze concisely distills most of what is required to succeed financially into 9 steps to financial freedom that people can study and implement in real life.

A step-by-step blueprint to financial freedom

The steps that Suze outlines in 9 Steps to Financial Freedom can be distinguished into three major objectives:

- The first three steps are meant to help you identify and resolve financial insecurities, misconceptions, and habits influenced by your life experiences.

- The next three steps specifically address how you can effectively manage your finances as far as income, expenditure, savings, investments, and taxes are concerned; all without having to enlist the services of a professional financial advisor.

- The last three steps help you to understand how financial freedom should help you achieve fulfillment in more meaningful areas of your life—effectively showing money as a means to an end and not an end in and of itself.

These 9 steps to financial freedom according to Suze Orman’s book are:

1)   Seeing how your past holds the key to your financial future

2)   Facing your fears and creating new truths

3)    Being honest with yourself

4)   Being responsible to those you love

5)    Being respectful of yourself and your money

6)    Trusting yourself more than you trust others

7)   Being open to receive all that you are meant to have

8)   Understanding the Ebb and flow of the money cycle

9)  Recognizing true wealth

How 9 Steps to Financial Freedom is relevant to achieving financial success

Below is a revealing review of the strategies that Suze encourages people to follow in 9 Steps to Financial Freedom according to Alinea:

a)   A realistic approach towards overcoming barriers to financial freedom

Credit must be given where it’s due and in 9 Steps to Financial Freedom’s case, credit must be given to how the book acknowledges the reality of achieving financial freedom. Many other financial freedom books adopt an instructional approach to financial success and issue out a bunch of steps that if people follow, they are sure to achieve financial freedom.

However, the reality is more sophisticated than that. Many people haven’t achieved financial freedom but it’s not because of lack of knowledge. Rather, there are numerous attitudinal, psychological, and spiritual barriers that hold them back. Therefore, 9 Steps to Financial Freedom addresses these barriers and offers actionable solutions to overcome them.

2)   A practical and comprehensive guide to achieving financial freedom

There is no denying that as knowledge on financial freedom has become more sought after, the world of financial self help books has been permeated by generic material that isn’t very helpful. This is because most of the advice outlined in some financial freedom books is too nebulous and lacks practicality.

However, Suze’s 9 Steps to Financial Freedom offers a very practical guide to financial prosperity. It is well researched and the author offers specific, detailed, and actionable steps that once can actually follow to succeed financially. Suze’s expertise in matters of finance powerfully comes to the fore in the book; effectively offering readers a gate pass to financial success.

3)   An in-depth analysis of how to secure yourself financially after retirement

Another deficiency of many financial self help books is that they do not extensively explore the best way for people to ensure their financial freedom extends through to their retirement years. This is why the topic of retirement is another major, standout quality of 9 Steps to Financial Freedom.

In the book, Suze offers an informed and detailed explanation of how you can secure your retirement. From how to handle 401(k)s, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), and mutual funds to investing in stocks, index funds, and wise debt management, Suze really goes into all the details of how to be financially secure in your retirement years.


As an investment platform that aims to not only educate but help people attain financial freedom, we confidently advise anyone who seeks to succeed financially to read Suze Orman’s 9 Steps to Financial Freedom as it can make a difference in your financial journey. The book is very insightful as far as financial matters go and you will benefit greatly from applying the principles discussed therein.

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