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8 Best Investment Apps Right Now: Our Top Picks for July 2022

Eve Halimi

Modern day investing is significantly different from traditional investing. Not only have there been diverse developments in investment models and financing. Rather, technology and culture has also been extensively incorporated into investing for higher efficiency and convenience.

Investment apps

One of the ways in which technology has been integrated into the investing process is through investment apps. Essentially, investing apps allow investors to manage their investments wherever they are and whenever they want.

This is because investment apps are available on mobile phones and hence offer investors the flexibility to conveniently manage their portfolios and execute trades without having to be locked down in one place.

Qualities of the best investment apps for 2022

High efficiency

The whole point of having mobile investment apps is to increase the speed, ease, and convenience of investing. Therefore, the best investment app for 2022 must be highly efficient.

The investment app must be fast and highly responsive. The user interface should be simple but with all the necessary features required to effectively manage investment portfolios. Hence, ensure you choose the most efficient investment app for your use.

Top-notch security

The best investment app for 2022 must have high-level security architecture. This is to ensure that investors don’t end up losing their funds/assets in cyberhacks and other malicious digital intrusions. Therefore, always check for an investment app that has bank-level security using 256-bit encryption and SSL to fully protect your data and your funds.

Low minimum amounts

To ensure inclusivity, a good investment app should have low minimum amounts required to invest. This would greatly help to eliminate the barriers to entry and give everyone—especially new, young investors— the opportunity to invest and build wealth.

Affordable fees

The best investment app should charge investors pocket-friendly fees for using the platform to invest. The commission on returns should also be affordable to ensure that the investor’s investing costs do not go through the roof.

Most of the best investment apps for 2022 charge 0% commission and so make it easy for investors to maximize their earnings. However, most investing apps still charge very high fees for crypto trading and you should look for the app that offers the cheapest fees for cryptocurrency investing. Therefore, it should be easy for you to find the most suitable investment app which will suit your needs.

Excellent customer support

Customer support is vital especially for new users. It saves them the stress of trying to figure out how to invest on their own and greatly improves their user experience.

As such, the best investment app for 2022 should have great customer support that is available round-the-clock. This will enable users to derive maximum utility from the investment app and optimize their returns.

Our top picks for the best investment apps for 2022

TD Ameritrade

Starting off our list of the best investment apps for 2022 is the TD Ameritrade investment app. Firstly, TD Ameritrade has a robust selection of investments that investors can choose from ranging from bonds and stocks to ETFs and mutual funds.

The investment app also has no requirements for account minimums, offers users great customer support, zero commission on stock and ETF trades, and free access to investment and market research.

Fidelity; One of the most important tools for investing success is information and Fidelity absolutely excels in this area. This is because it offers its users extensive research resources to inform their investing choices.

Fidelity also has an extensive selection of mutual funds that have no minimum amount required to invest. This combined with its $0 trading commissions, affordable account fees, and other investor-friendly practices make Fidelity among the best investment apps for 2022.

JP Morgan Self Directed Investing

The JP Morgan investment app is an awesome option for experienced investing who want to have hands-on experience. This is because it facilitates self directed investing and is easy to use.

Additionally, the app has eliminated barriers to entry as it has no account minimum. This makes it easy even for novices without adequate capital to begin investing. However, JP Morgan does not support crypto trading, an investment feature that is absolutely vital to have in this era.

E Trade

There are several reasons why E Trade features on our list of the best investment apps for 2022. First among them is the fact that it caters to the needs of both seasoned, active traders and beginner investors.

E Trade has complex investing features such as customizable options chain views, technical studies, trading ladders, and drawing tools. The investment app also has large variety of investment options from bonds and stocks to ETFs and mutual funds.

The platform also has adequate educational resources, ETF screeners, market commentaries, and real-time quotes. All these features greatly enrich investor experience on the investment app.

Charles Schwab

One of the major qualities that make Charles Schwab one of the best investment apps for 2022 is its excellent customer service. Users having trouble with using the app can easily access support at anytime.

The Charles Schwab investment app also offers investors an extensive mutual fund selection, zero commission on stock, options, and ETF trades, as well as adequate research resources and fractional shares.

Ally Invest

The first trait that makes Ally Invest one of the best investment apps for 2022 is the fact that its online platform is among the most secure, efficient, and well-integrated web investment platforms in the market.

Users are also able to access quality research resources and efficient investing tools on the Ally Invest investment app. This results in a well-rounded on-the-go investment experience for both new and seasoned investors.


Vanguard is best known for its inclusivity-oriented cost of investing which is very low. This allows beginners to get started on investing while enabling seasoned investors to maximize their gains.

Additionally, Vanguard charges zero commission for trading stock, options, and ETFs and offers its users a large pool of great mutual funds to pick from. This makes it a suitable contender for the best investment apps for 2022.

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