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Iris Stock App Review - Should You Use It?

Eve Halimi

Technological advancements have greatly impacted the world of business and finance and stock trading has not been exempt. Therefore, it is in the best interest of any forward-looking investor that wants to succeed in stock trading to leverage the superior capabilities of technology in order to go about the entire process more efficiently.

It is this need to incorporate technological solutions into stock trading that has made stock apps very essential tools to investors. Therefore, it is important for stock traders to analyze stock apps just as keenly as they analyze company stocks before investing in them. So should you use Iris stock app to invest?

An Eccentric but Unreliable Investment Strategy

To Iris stock app’s credit, most of its functionalities are good enough to facilitate execution of trades. The UI/UX is decent, the security level acceptable, and the customer support accessible. Fair enough, these are some of the core qualities that any worthwhile stock app should have. However, Iris stock app hits where it matters but misses where it matters most.

When it comes to successful stock trading, individuals and institutions heavily rely on real data. This is because by obtaining data on the market performance of companies, one can be able to monitor trends, observe patterns, and predict future performance.

Real data also enables one to observe the prevailing market conditions and make an educated inference on how those conditions are likely to affect a company’s performance.

Blindly imitating lawmakers’ stock trades?

However, when it comes to the Iris stock app, their primary strategy is different. Instead of exclusively relying on quality data analytics, the Iris stock app relies on the stock trades of Congress members to predict which stocks are likely to perform well.

This assumption is based on a shaky theory that due to the governmental power they wield, Congress members may have access to insider information that the general public does not have access to. As such, Congress members are more likely to execute stock trades accurately and so imitating their moves is an almost assured pathway to success.

Real data says otherwise

But exactly how true is that? Away from the street gossip, systematic, scientifically conducted studies show that actually, lawmakers do not perform exceptionally in stock trading. Matter of fact, Dinesh Hasija who is a strategic management professor at the Augusta University, Georgia reveals that academic research shows “the trades made by senators have underperformed.

Studies by Dartmouth College also reveal most of the purchases made by government officials from 2012 to 2020 performed dismally by up to 17 basis points. So, is it really safe for your investment decisions to be informed by such inaccurate and unreliable data? Not at all. You not only risk losing your investment but you will also fail your to learn the best way to trade stocks.

You Need a Stock App With a Reliable Investing Model You Can Trust

In conclusion, shut away the misleading banter and choose an investment strategy that relies on quality information, reliable data insights, and accurate performance metrics to help you make the best investment decisions.

That is why Alinea is the best stock app for you to trade stocks with. Rather than relying on speculation, Alinea uses real data analytics to determine which stocks are the best to invest in. That way, using Alinea will put you in the best position to reap long-term rewards and achieve your stock trading goals.

Besides a purely scientific stock strategy, Alinea also has the best UI/UX that will make navigation easier and extremely pleasant. You will also enjoy high bank level security due to the SSS and 254-Bit encryption used to secure Alinea.

Lastly, our exceptional social investing features will completely eliminate any fear of trading stocks that you may have and make the process much more enjoyable, engaging, and informing for you.

Therefore, do what’s in your best interest as an investor in stocks. Choose Alinea today and you will access accurate and high quality data insights that will empower you as well as position yourself to reap big from your investment in stocks!

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