Grifin Stock App Review - Is It Worth It?

Eve Halimi

Every stock trader needs a stock app that they can rely on to help them trade efficiently for optimal returns. The Grifin stock app happens to be one of the stock apps available in the market that several stock traders use to execute trades.

Following the criteria for establishing how suitable a stock app is for traders, does the Grifin stock app measure up?

Below is a comprehensive review of the Grifin stock app to determine whether it is worth it or not.

“The Greatest Revolution in Finances Now”

Any statement with the word “revolution” is always regarded venerably as it alludes to a new, disruptive, and ground shifting movement. However, the statement on the subtitle above is not the Grifin stock app tagline or anything.

Rather, Grifin is an acronym whose full meaning is “The Greatest Revolution in Finances Now.” This necessitates a crucial question: How exactly is the Grifin stock app revolutionizing investing?

While the Grifin stock app is undoubtedly doing things differently, like for instance investing $1 in a particular company each time you purchase a product or a service from them, it’s investing model has several flaws that make it a precarious choice, especially for beginner investors.

They are as follows:

a)   Superficial simplicity, inherent complexity

Like with many other operations, investors are searching for stock apps that are simple, convenient and easy to use. At face value, the Grifin stock app seems to offer this as it relieves the user of the responsibility of having to analyze companies before investing in them.

Instead, the Grifin stock app automates investing—simply transferring a dollar to every company you make a purchase from. However, matters are not that simple because by using the Grifin stock app, users end up investing in numerous companies.

The sheer number of these companies alone will complicate the due diligence process of following up on your investment and adversely affect your investment decisions. Therefore, stock traders should instead choose stock apps whose investing process is straightforward and easy to understand throughout the process.

b)   Poor personal and financial data security

Another challenge that stems from the Grifin stock app’s automated model is that of data security. In a world that is more data-driven than ever, data security is vital in avoiding potentially harmful vulnerabilities.

However, the Grifin stock app’s investing approach automatically exposes users to these dangers because it shares a lot of personal data with other unauthorized entities. Therefore, it is better for stock traders to use a stock app that guarantees them better, bank level data security.

c)    Hidden fees

Like other investments, the success of stock trading heavily relies on good and efficient planning. This means that investors should always have all the information concerning terms and conditions as well as charges, fees and other costs that will be accrued during the investment process.

Unfortunately, the Grifin stock app does not lay bare all the crucial information that stock traders may need to make their own decisions. Therefore, realities such as the fact that the dollar that is automatically invested on a trader’s behalf is not drawn from the cost of their purchase but from their bank account can negatively affect an investor’s financial schedule.

That is why it is important for investors—and especially beginner investors—to select a stock app like Alinea that is very transparent concerning all its terms and conditions as well and one that has no hidden charges or fees that may compromise their investing schedule. Let's not forget to mention that Alinea offers some of the lowest fees by 3-4x compared to competitors.

d)   Leveraging legal complexities

Stock trading is a fairly tasking and complicated investment strategy. Therefore, many beginners require a lot of education and guidance in order to make the right investment decisions. Therefore, it only follows that the legal implications of investors accepting to use a specific stock app should be simplified and made clear enough for the investors to understand.

However, the Grifin stock app doesn’t do this very well as it has many clauses that are obscure. Therefore, investors risk consenting to potentially detrimental elements like granting third-parties “the right, power, and authority to act on your behalf to access and transmit your personal and financial information” or purchasing shares “which are non-transferable and don’t grant the shareholder any voting rights.”

e)    Indiscriminate investing

Another major weakness of the Grifin stock app is that it essentially overlook sone of the fundamental stock trading best practices; due diligence. This is in the sense that by automatically investing a dollar in every company users purchase from, the Grifin stock app foregoes evaluating the company’s stock to see if it is the best entity to invest in.

This exposes users to great risk of making financial losses. Additionally, in the event that a company is facing a situation like bankruptcy, an investor risks losing all their investment because funds are invested automatically without assessing the suitability of that particular investment.

Take Control of Your Investments! Choose Alinea Today

The goal of stock trading is to help you achieve your financial freedom goals. As such, the best stock app should help you to do this in the most efficient, secure, and transparent way possible. That way, you will have more control over your investment decisions and make the best choices for optimal revenue outcomes.

That is why Alinea is the best stock app for you if you want to succeed in stock trading. An efficient stock trading app with the most innovative social features, Alinea has exceptional UI/UX design, bank-level security (SSL & 256-Bit Encryption), is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC and has the most comprehensive educational resources for young and new investors.

Therefore, to ensure you make the best investment decision, Alinea will provide you with accurate, tactical insights on stocks. Alinea is also fully transparent and hence you will not have to struggle with any hidden fees or legal setups that could put your investment at risk. Therefore, choose Alinea today and stake a claim at achieving the highest heights of stock trading success!


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